Drenica in historical turning points of the Balkans 1908-1913

This scientific monograph treats an important historical period of Albanians of Kosovo with a special focus on historical development in Drenica and its surrounding regions during dramatic years of its existence. Drenica as a region in central Kosovo played a crucial role during insurgences in Kosovo during the period 1908 – 1913. The fundamental matter of this monograph consists of unpublished and published material drawn from oral sources and rich literature. The book has a preface, introduction, seven chapters, conclusions, chronology of events, sources of the literature, and has 376 pages. The publisher is the “Brezi ’81” Prishtina, 2008.

The opinions of reviewers for this monograph can be read in the following paragraphs:


Scientific monograph entitled, "Drenica in historical turns of Balkan 1908-1913 ", ranges one among the toughest problems of our historiography. For the breadth of the topic, it is clear that the basic content is consisted of unpublished and published sources, accompanied by oral sources and rich literature in various languages, which author Dr. Dugolli, realizes according to advanced and scientific methodological techniques. We must emphasize the author's own contribution, which is the most relevant, which has to do with the lighting of science to social and political aspects of Drenica during major historical turns.


Prof. Dr. Jahja Drançolli



The book "Drenica in historical turns of Balkan 1908-1913", by Dr. Dugolli, addressing a particular historical period in a given space, ie treating Drenica, as one among the essences of the Albanian resistance and sacrifice, the great historical turn in the Balkans, has managed to document and argue the current oral knowledge, almost legendary for Drenica in the period 1908-1913. Dugolli`s book is a book that presents a valuable historical evidence for Drenica, it is a monograph, an example for the treatment of Albanian history for certain periods and spaces.


Prof. Dr. Hakif Bajrami



Monographic work "Drenica in historical turns of Balkan 1908-1913",of the author Dr. Dugolli,  can be consider as a valuable contribution to the Albanian historiography, because so far this part of the history about Drenica has not been the subject of a special scientific treatment. Having support in archival sources and relevant literature, the author has managed to justify with many arguments that Drenica was the nucleus of patriotism of Upper Ethnic Albanian. . So Drenica and people living there were an important part of the historical turns in the Balkan areal during dramatically over the years 1908-1913.


Prof. Dr. Gazmend Rizaj



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